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Where the US and Israel Split on Iran

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It was all smiles following the meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Neftali Bennet and US President Joe Biden on Aug. 27, but what went on behind the scenes?

Unsurprisingly the post-conference scrutiny focused on whether the two men — each only months in office — see eye to eye on the approach to Iran.

They both follow very hawkish predecessors, who have left the Iran question unresolved and at a pivotal and potentially dangerous point for the region.

Mainstream view: Bennett got everything he wanted from Biden in the meeting, in terms of telegenic US pledges to wave in front of the Israeli TV audience. Biden repeated the US commitment to ensuring that Iran never possesses a nuclear weapon, and then added that the US would prioritize diplomacy. However, “if diplomacy fails, we’re ready to turn to other options.” This was interpreted to mean there is a military option on the table, which, if true, would be a win for Bennet.

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