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Delta Air Lines and fuel supplier Chevron are working with Google to accurately measure and track emissions from sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) using the computing giant’s cloud-based technology. Chevron will produce a test batch of SAF at its El Segundo refinery which it will then sell to Delta at its Los Angeles LAX hub airport, with all associated emissions data shared to the Google cloud. “As aviation continues to define a more sustainable future, understanding the environmental impacts of our operations will be paramount as we look to mitigate climate change,” said Amelia DeLuca, Delta’s managing director of sustainability in a Sep. 7 statement. “This partnership has the potential to help us achieve that goal while providing important data and analytics that demonstrate the environmental integrity of our commitment,” she added. “This builds on our previously announced effort to be the first refiner in the US to ratably co-process biofeedstocks in an FCC [fluid catalytic cracker] through a capital-efficient investment program,” said Chevron President of Americas Fuel & Lubricants Andy Walz. “The data sharing and transparency component of this partnership will help us better understand the emissions from SAF production and delivery, supporting our goal to advance lower-carbon fuels.” SAF producer Gevo is working on a parallel carbon-tracking system using rival blockchain computing technology.

Rival fuel suppliers are jostling for position in a new sustainable aviation fuel market that could reach 12 million tons per year by 2030.
Fri, Sep 24, 2021
Finland's Neste is ramping up its biofuels production in anticipation of a surge in global demand for renewable fuels and chemicals.
Fri, Sep 24, 2021