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Total's Big Deal, Baghdad's Big Wake-Up

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  • TotalEnergies’ recent $10 billion energy deal with Baghdad could prove transformational.
  • Sunday’s deal hits multiple sweet spots, taking on vital oil infrastructure, gas capture and electricity generation, renewables adoption and the low-carbon development of a key oil field. 
  • Covid-19 was a wake-up call, Baghdad said, although risks remain, including elections next month. 

Not since the upstream mega-auction of 2009-10 has Iraq seen awards to rival Total's deal. A 1 gigawatt solar project, Iraq’s first major renewables project, will power a 125,000 barrel per day expansion of the Ratawi oil field and a 600,000 million cubic feet gas plant. But perhaps most important in industry terms is a 5 million b/d seawater injection project, on the drawing board for years, to maintain reservoir pressure at Iraq’s key Basrah province fields.

A megadeal struck with TotalEnergies could free Iraq from years of oil sector drift, according to Energy Intelligence analysis.
Thu, Sep 16, 2021
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