Hyundai Big on Hydrogen

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Hyundai Motor has announced a goal to equip all its commercial vehicle models with hydrogen fuel-cell systems by 2028, making the South Korean automaker the first to officially pursue such plans. By 2030, it hopes to achieve a fuel-cell vehicle price point comparable to that of a battery-electric vehicle, the company said this week. Such goals are part of Hyundai’s Hydrogen Vision 2040, which envisages the clean-burning fuel being applied to not just transportation but also to “wider areas of industries and sectors.” To pave the way for hydrogen popularization, Hyundai says it plans to introduce -- in 2023 -- next-generation fuel-cell systems of 100 kW and 200 kW that would be over 50% cheaper. The company says these systems would offer double the power output and be up to 30% smaller than those in the range of its NEXO fuel-cell SUV model.

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