Key Biofuel Prices

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The complete set of EI New Energy data is available to web subscribers, including historical and forecasted levelized cost of energy (LCOE) calculations, EV sales, our Green Utilities rankings, fuel switching thresholds, electricity production by sector, ethanol and biodiesel fundamentals, carbon and energy prices, along with methodologies and reader’s guides. The New Energy Data Service can be accessed here. Key Biofuel Prices US ($/gallon) Aug 31 Aug 24 Chg. Futures: CBOT Ethanol 2.2200 2.2200 0.0000 RBOB Gasoline 2.1419 2.1808 -0.0389 Spot market: Ethanol Midcont. 2.25 2.26 -0.01 Ethanol NY Harbor 2.33 2.33 0.00 Ethanol US Gulf 2.33 2.33 0.00 Europe ($/ton) Futures: ICE Gasoil 601.50 584.50 +17.00 Spot market: Gasoline 721.00 685.00 +36.00 Diesel 599.00 583.75 +15.25 Biodiesel: Fame 0 1,540.00 1,560.00 -20.00 RME 1,280.00 1,210.00 +70.00 SME 1,700.00 1,725.00 -25.00 PME 1,425.00 1,445.00 -20.00 Source: Thomson Reuters, Exchanges

Coal, Biofuels (incl. SAF)
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