India Weighs Green Hydrogen Mandate

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India is talking to operators of refineries and fertilizer plants about introducing a "green hydrogen" mandate, Minister of State Rameswar Teli told Parliament this week. Local media reports said the government is proposing a 10% green hydrogen mandate for the fiscal year starting Apr. 1, 2023, which would rise to 25% in five years. Fertilizer plants would start with a 5% mandate, rising to 20% in five years. Refiners are resisting the move, however, saying it would push up their costs and make them less competitive. Teli conceded that green hydrogen is not yet produced on a commercial scale in India because of its high cost (IOD Jul.23'21). Hydrogen is used for various processes in oil refineries and is also used to make fertilizer. Today most of that hydrogen is made from natural gas and leads to emissions of carbon dioxide. Carbon-free "green hydrogen" is made from the electrolysis of water, using electricity generated by wind turbines, photovoltaic cells or other sources of renewable energy. It is not yet produced in large quantities.

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