Benchmarking: 2022 Oil Demand Growth in Focus

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• In 2022, annual growth in demand for hydrocarbon liquids will range from 2.8 million-3.7 million barrels per day, according to four agencies surveyed in July. • Among the agencies, only the US Energy Information Agency (EIA) is currently forecasting that 2022 demand will exceed consumption in pre-pandemic 2019. • Outlooks for non-Opec liquids production growth next year display a striking diversity, with Energy Intelligence at the bottom on the range with a 1.7 million b/d projected increase for this group of producers.

Russian producers will boost crude oil supplies to world markets in the final quarter of the year now that production is rising and domestic demand is on the wane.
Thu, Sep 16, 2021
Public pressure and high natural gas prices may not be enough to solve the methane waste problem plaguing the Permian Basin.
Fri, Sep 17, 2021
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Production of hydrocarbon liquids outside the Opec-plus alliance will peak in 2025, our medium-term outlook shows, the inevitable result of lower investments upstream.
Thu, Sep 16, 2021