Milestone for Chevron's Gorgon CCS

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Chevron has reached a milestone at its Gorgon LNG plant in Australia, capturing and storing five million tons of carbon dioxide permanently in onshore underground sandstone reservoirs. The carbon capture and storage (CCS) part of the Gorgon LNG facility has been operational since August 2019, having experienced delays since the LNG facility started operations three years earlier (IOD Aug.9'19). Chevron Australia Managing Director Mark Hatfield acknowledges the CCS project is working well below its annual capture rate of 4 million tons of CO2 per year, noting "the time taken to safely start the system meant Chevron had not met injection requirements." Even with the lower injection rates, the project is one of the biggest CCS projects in the world. The International Energy Agency is among a group of energy watchdogs that say CCS needs to play a fundamental role in the energy transition or the world won't be able to keep global temperature increases below 2°C (IOD Sep.24'20). Hatfield said Chevron is "working with the western Australia regulator on making up the shortfall and will report publicly on that later in the year," adding that "like any pioneering endeavor, it takes time to optimize a new system to ensure it performs reliably over 40-plus years of operation." Over the lifetime of the project, the facility is expected to capture and store 100 million tons of CO2.

Carbon Capture (CCS)
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