UK Urged to Ramp Up EVs

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If the UK fails to keep pace with the EV revolution, its workforce risks "precipitous decline," according to a study from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). The SMMT urges the UK government to support the building of 2.3 million EV charging points by 2030 and facilitate EV battery manufacturers to build enough capacity to churn out 60 GWh of battery capacity. The report finds the "shift to electrified vehicles is the biggest challenge facing the sector" in the UK, adding large "gigafactories" would give British manufacturers the capability to produce up to 1 million EVs a year. The UK government is in talks with various manufacturers to build gigafactories in the UK, including Japanese automaker Nissan, which could announce a deal over the coming days. EVs, including hybrids, have seen sales skyrocket in Europe. Last year, they accounted for 11% of all new passenger car sales, up from just 3% in 2019 (NE Nov.5'20). European oil majors are building up their EV charging businesses in Europe as they vie for market share as an increasing number of passenger car drivers switch from molecules to electrons (related).

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