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Velocys’ and British Airways' Altalto sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) plant will get up to £2.4 million ($3.31 million) from the UK government's Department for Transport (DfT) under its £15 million Green Fuels, Green Skies competition (JFI Jul.23'21). Half the money is guaranteed with a further £1.2 million subject to DfT progress in developing policy support for SAF (JFI Jun.25'21). The Atlalto project to make SAF from municipal solid waste using the Fischer-Tropsch pathway at Immingham in the UK northeast has already received £943,000 of UK government funding. “This grant demonstrates that the Altalto project is a key part of the strategy to accelerate a SAF industry in the UK,” said Velocys CEO Henrik Wareborn in a Sep. 1 statement. “The momentum for SAF in the UK and around the world is growing, demonstrated here by the recent consultations on the path to net-zero aviation and on a SAF mandate,” Wareborn added. “[This support] is critical in helping us to drive forward the development of sustainable aviation fuel in the UK,” said BA Chairman and CEO Sean Doyle. “Plants like this one would be a game changer for our industry, not only delivering sustainable aviation fuel, but also creating hundreds of highly skilled jobs while increasing economic growth around the UK,” Doyle added.

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