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SUSTAINABLE FUELS -- Royal Dutch Shell has joined forces with engine maker Rolls-Royce to accelerate industry efforts to deploy sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). Their long-term memorandum of understanding builds on existing cooperation. Shell is the exclusive supplier to Rolls-Royce for its SAFinity service which enables business aviation customers to reduce emissions by investing in SAF supplies. They are also collaborating on obtaining certification for use of 100% SAF. Rolls Royce is already involved in a testing program to achieve that goal, with ground tests under way at the Airbus base in Toulouse, France (JFI Mar.26'21). Shell will supply SAF to help Rolls-Royce reduce travel emissions. On the technical front the engine maker is advising Shell on its development of new fuels and low-carbon energy alternatives for new aircraft and power systems. The two firms will also work with industry stakeholders on strategic policies that are needed to support industry efforts to decarbonize. "Being from different parts of the aviation value chain means Rolls-Royce and Shell bring complementary expertise, experiences and ideas to the table. Wide-ranging cooperation can drive new solutions that will help the aviation industry and our customers navigate a pathway to net zero," said Anna Mascolo, President of Shell Aviation.

Biofuels (incl. SAF)
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