Trafigura in Ammonia Tie-Up

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Oil trader Trafigura plans to work with ammonia maker Yara to develop clean fuels for shipping, using green or blue hydrogen that will be converted into ammonia. Shipping is one area of the economy that is hard to electrify. Ammonia made from green hydrogen (using renewable power) or blue hydrogen (using natural gas with carbon capture and storage) offers a pathway to help decarbonize the shipping sector and other sectors of the economy that are hard-to-decarbonize (IOD May24'21). Trafigura and Yara have inked a memorandum of understanding, declaring that they will work together on "green and blue ammonia fuel infrastructure and market opportunities." "Reducing shipping emissions is a vital component of the fight against global climate change, yet greenhouse gas emissions from the global maritime sector are increasing," they said in a joint statement.

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