Comparative Fuel Prices

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(Cash Market) April 23,2021 Comparative Fuel Prices Natural Gas ($/MMBtu) Comparative Fuel Fuel Price $/MMBtu Equiv. Appalachia Appalachian Pool Dlvd (util) 2.20 McCloskey CSX Coal $54.06/ton 2.25 East Coast New York City Gate 2.42 Heating Oil No. 2* 171.44¢/gal 12.36 -- -- Residual 0.30% $78.18/bbl 12.44 -- -- Residual 1.00% $63.49/bbl 10.10 Gulf Coast Texas Central, Onshore 2.68 Heating Oil No. 2* 159.87¢/gal 11.53 -- -- Residual 0.70% $67.19/bbl 10.69 Louisiana Gulf Coast, Onshore 2.67 Residual 3.00% $59.01/bbl 9.39 -- -- WTI Cushing $62.18/bbl 10.72 Residual = Residual Fuel Oil, priced exclusive of taxes. WTI = West Texas Intermediate crude oil. % = % of sulfur content. *Average sulfur content = 0.2%-0.5%. Source: Gas: Natural Gas Week; all prices volume-weighted. Oil: The weekly average of Oil Daily's cash price postings.

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