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Energy Intelligence Announces Latest Annual Survey Of Nuclear Newbuild Projects

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Energy Intelligence’s latest annual Newbuild Report, published Sep. 8 in Nuclear Intelligence Weekly, examines the state of nuclear reactor construction worldwide, assessing each newbuild planned or underway on a project-by-project basis, and providing a rating of the prospects for completion by 2030. The main trend outlined in the report is a shift toward a market dominated by China and Russia, with future growth possibly occurring in one other key region – the Middle East.

Other main points highlighted in the report include:

  • Future industry growth at this point is almost entirely dependent on China’s domestic newbuild plans;
  • Newbuild industries in mature markets—such as the US, Russia and South Korea—are confronting declining demand forecasts, reactor safety and design challenges, cancelled or delayed projects and supply chain problems;
  • Previously ambitious newbuild plans in countries like Brazil, South Africa and Vietnam have evaporated;
  • The ascendancy of state-owned Chinese and Russian reactor vendors is in part due to the willingness of Beijing and Moscow to finance foreign reactor projects and to project their influence abroad.

"The nuclear industry is experiencing a profound shif, with long-established Western vendors unable to block out competition from Russia and China, utilities in competitive Western markets showing less enthusiasm for nuclear power and industry growth almost entirely dependent on domestic newbuild plans in China’s centrally-planned economy," said Stephanie Cooke, editor of Nuclear Intelligence Weekly.

Nuclear Intelligence Weekly is the go-to source for nuclear industry professionals around the world, featuring industry-leading coverage of the global nuclear industry. Each week Nuclear Intelligence Weekly focuses on reactor newbuild markets, front- and back-end nuclear fuel cycle activities, and decommissioning and waste management. Nuclear Intelligence Weekly also tracks political and economic dynamics impacting all major aspects of industry markets from local and regional to national and international levels, and is noted for its strong coverage of the Chinese and Russian nuclear sectors, US and European markets, and Japan’s reactor restart efforts.

In addition, Nuclear Intelligence Weekly's coverage of front-end fuel cycle activities includes the industry's first independent and most reliable confidential uranium price transparency mechanism, Energy Intelligence’s unique and proprietary Uranium Price Panel (UPP), along with focused analysis of key issues in the global fuel cycle business, including weekly and monthly pricing and market intelligence.

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