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Energy Intelligence Announces Annual Global Top 100 Green Utilities Ranking

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Energy Intelligence announces the latest ranking of the global Top 100 Green Utilities. This ranking of the world's top green power generators from both industrialized and emerging markets, published in EI New Energy, is based on companies’ renewable energy portfolios and greenhouse gas emissions.

The ranking shows that significant renewable capacity was added and fossil fuel assets shed in recent years, with a broader complement of companies playing a role in these trends. Notably, for the first time, companies in the ranking together emit less than 500 kilograms per megawatt hour of CO2. Other key highlights include:

  • Although traditional utilities and diversified generators still make up the bulk of the ranking, specialized independent power producers (IPPs) focusing on clean technologies are progressing. Spain's Acciona, originally a construction and engineering firm that began investing in renewables two decades ago, is the leading company for the third time in a row. The US’ Invenergy is another example of a green IPP in the top 10.
  • Renewables, including wind, solar and hydro, accounted for 34 gigawatts of new capacity added in 2016 by companies in the ranking this year and last year, with an additional 4 GW for nuclear.
  • By contrast, fossil fuel decreased by a substantial 44 GW year-on-year, mostly resulting from 65 GW being divested in Europe and 18 GW in the US.
  • Taken together, the companies in the ranking emitted a grand total of 496 kg/MWh last year -- down from 512 kg/MWh in 2015 and 569 kg/MWh in 2011.
  • The ranking is also growing more diverse in terms of geographies. Fifty-four companies from Europe, the US and Japan accounted for 44% of total capacity in 2016, down from 63 companies and 55% in 2011. Chinese firms alone now account for 29% of the ranking's total capacity, up from 19% initially.

“The low-carbon transition has ushered in a tricky era for utilities – one where companies need to invest in new assets while at the same time wrestling with slowing demand and thin margins,” said Lauren Craft, editor of EI New Energy. “This latest ranking shows that utilities are pushing through the pain, making concrete breakthroughs in delivering low-carbon power generation.”

Companies at the bottom of the ranking own little or no renewable capacity, and are from coal-producing countries and regions such as China, South Africa, Australia, India, Poland, Russia and the US Midwest. Those from the former Soviet Union and Mideast oil producing countries also rank low as they tend to operate inefficient power plants -- and almost no renewable generation.

EI New Energy, a specialist publication covering trends in carbon, renewable energy and transportation, selected 100 of the largest power generators from around the world, accounting for just over half of global capacity. The ranking evaluated their “greenness” according to carbon dioxide emissions per megawatt hour, volume of renewable energy capacity and proportion of renewables to total capacity. Rather than approaching the subject by country or region, the report compares individual companies around the world, from both industrialized and emerging markets. An accompanying analysis draws out key trends and conclusions.


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