The Western world has driven much of the climate agenda to date, but will a more assertive East and Global South change the debate?
Join us at the Forum this month, as we explore how the world can move forward together (and what happens If It doesn’t).
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Gladys Iskandar
Conversation of the Century Editor, Ronan Kavanagh discusses key issues for energy in China with Michal Meidan, Head of China Energy Research at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.
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The Energy Transition Accelerator — the US carbon-offset initiative designed to unlock private money for developing countries — will be one of the meatiest offerings brought by the US to the COP28 negotiating table in Dubai.
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  • This Quarterly Risk Outlook examines the major investment, geopolitical and energy transition-related risks shaping the global oil and gas operating environment this quarter and beyond. Gabon’s coup and Ecuadorian election results, including the referendum banning some Amazon oil production, are examined in depth. Cyprus’s Aphrodite plan rejection and Russia’s motor fuel export ban as well as other key aboveground risk drivers are also covered. Geopolitically, the growing spillover risks from coups and instability in the Sahel is a key focus area, alongside other developments such as Azerbaijan’s takeover of Nagorno-Karabakh, China’s economic slowdown and easing Iran tensions. Meanwhile, resource nationalism and interstate tensions are growing transition risk drivers.
    Mon, Oct 2, 2023
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