CCS is key to global climate plans, but has a mixed record thanks to challenges around complexity, business model, policy backing and effectiveness. In our latest Technology Monitor we focus on carbon capture utilization and storage costs which are critical, and vary widely (from ~$15/ton to $160/ton) depending primarily on emissions source.

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Carbon capture and storage is poised for major decarbonization role – but still faces obstacles:
  • CCS costs have scope to fall – but more slowly than other low-carbon sectors
  • Nascent DAC is most expensive – but could see greater cost declines and flexibility
  • CCS is playing a fast-growing role in oil and gas emissions strategies
  • Sustained policy progress is essential for CCS to reach its full potential
Can companies deliver the carbon capture the world needs at a price that shareholders can support?

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Conversation of the Century Editor, Ronan Kavanagh, discusses recent developments in CCS with Ruth Herbert, CEO of the Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA).
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