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Mexico Oil & Gas:
At a Crossroads

A look at the opportunities and obstacles for energy-sector investment in the world's 10th-largest oil producing country, written by a leading team of experts with deep experience in Mexico's petroleum industry

Central to the debate in advance of Mexico's July, 2012 presidential election is the future of the country's oil. Reforms in 2008 liberalized laws that have kept Mexico's petroleum industry largely in state hands since 1938. Next year's change in leadership could bring still more ambitious reforms. The current front-runner in the presidential race wants liberalization to go much further.

EnergeA and Energy Intelligence deliver an in-depth look at what's been achieved since 2008 and the challenges that lie ahead.

  • The new regulatory landscape and actors, including the tensions that exist as these new entities settle into their roles
  • An analysis of the first round of integrated service contracts issued to private producers and prospects for upcoming auctions
  • Prospects for further reform that could enhance the operational abilities of Pemex, opening up opportunities for private companies while respecting the company's constitutional monopoly
  • An overview of PEMEX's main challenges and investment projects, both upstream and downstream.
  • Five scenarios for Mexico's political landscape following the 2012 election and how each would affect chances for further reform to the country's oil industry

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