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What changes are occurring in the upstream sector? What are the underlying reasons for these structural changes? What opportunities will these shifting dynamics create and how can they be reached?

The Global Petroleum Revolution: A New Era of Opportunity, a collaboration between Energy Intelligence and esteemed geologist Dr. Thomas Ahlbrandt, is the essential guide to addressing these questions and providing unrivaled insight into the global upstream industry.

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Energy is evolving. So is our thinking.

Energy Intelligence’s previously published research studies and reference works became interactive data analytics in 2012. These tools will allow you to compare, manipulate and extract detailed current and historical data critical to understanding the global energy industry. Expect the same trusted data sourced, created and compiled by our global network of analysts into meaningful data sets for analysis—adapted to your changing energy needs.

Energy Intelligence Top 100: Global NOC & IOC Rankings

The leading global survey of national, international and independent oil and gas companies

Energy Intelligence Top 100: Global NOC & IOC Rankings builds upon its predecessor—the trusted Top 100: Ranking the World’s Oil Companies report.

The new interactive data analytics allows for quick comparisons across the range of oil and gas companies surveyed to make EI’s annual Top 100 ranking. Easily analyze, compare, sort and extract fundamental operational and financial data by sector and activity.

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World Crude Oil Data

All key crude grades, dozens of producing country profiles: one global industry standard

Bringing together a wealth of proprietary and essential data, World Crude Oil Data has proved an invaluable tool for traders, analysts and planners in the 17 years since it was first published as the International Crude Oil Market Handbook. The new online data tool allows quick access to profiles and summary assays for 195 of the world's most important traded crude streams.

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LNG Trade Dynamics

The Essential Guide to the Global LNG Industry

Major and emerging supply regions, demand centers, and industry deals are examined to produce an authoritative survey of the global LNG landscape. LNG Trade Dynamics arms you not only with facts and figures; it also delivers critical context and analysis. Key themes explored in LNG Trade Dynamics include analysis of how a global gas glut has created a buyer's market for LNG.

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Energy Connect

An essential resource for the Middle East energy sector, Energy Connect: Middle East gives you access to prospects, competitors and partners in the region.

Users can register for free to easily monitor the energy market and activity in the Middle East or subscribe to track new business openings through an enhanced view of their latest activities.

  • 500+ Companies – 7,500+ Contacts – 1,000+ Projects
  • Upstream – Downstream – Midstream – Petrochemical – E&P services – EPC sectors
  • United Arab Emirates – Saudi Arabia – Bahrain – Kuwait – Oman – Qatar – Iraq - Yemen

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Special Reports

The Global Petroleum Revolution: A New Era of Opportunity

As the geological focus and technology of the upstream sector evolve, success relies on fully understanding the changes that are occurring, the motivations prompting these changes, what these mean for upstream and, most importantly, the unique opportunities these shifting dynamics will create. The Global Petroleum Revolution, a collaboration between Energy Intelligence and geologist Dr. Thomas Ahlbrandt, enables this understanding and exposes tomorrow’s upstream opportunities.

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North American Shale Revolution

A special supplement to Natural Gas Week

Unconventional shale reserves have transformed North America's domestic energy picture as a once-unapproachable resource turns what looked like an irreversible decline into heady growth. Between September and December 2011, Natural Gas Week
published a series of semi-weekly supplements that described in detail what you need to know about the North American Shale Revolution. This special report groups these articles into one powerful document for those interested in this exciting resource stream.

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Global Exploration and Production: Focus Areas of Growth

The leading global survey of national, international and independent oil and gas companies

A special report from Gordon Energy Solutions that provides detailed answers to the most important question facing the industry: How do oil companies plan to grow?

In an era of resource nationalism, companies are devoting increasing capital to unconventional oil and gas plays, Arctic operations, deepwater, heavy oil and LNG and GTL projects. Gordon Energy Solutions looks into the roles of acquisitions, joint ventures and grassroots exploration in the strategies of the industry’s biggest players.

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Mexico Oil & Gas: At a Crossroads

Opportunities and obstacles for energy-sector investment in the world's
10th-largest oil producing country.

Central to the debate in advance of Mexico's July, 2012 presidential election is the future of the country's oil. Reforms in 2008 liberalized laws that have kept Mexico's petroleum industry largely in state hands since 1938. Next year's change in leadership could bring still more ambitious reforms. The current front-runner in the presidential race wants liberalization to go much further.

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Energy Fundamentals: Understanding the Oil & Gas Industries

An essential guide to the fundamentals and evolution of the oil and gas industries.

Recently updated, this essential guide covers the history and basics of the hydrocarbon industries, addresses new priorities in areas such as natural gas and takes a close look at future challenges.

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