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UpstreamGas & LNG collects, filters and delivers the crucial Energy Intelligence natural gas and LNG content you need, covering the entire natural gas cycle from production to delivery and everything in-between. Presented in a clean, intuitive format, and hand-picked by Energy Intelligence’s esteemed editorial team, Gas & LNG processes tightly focused content from respected EI publications including World Gas Intelligence, Natural Gas Week, LNG Intelligence and more.

Gas & LNG gathers news, information and data from around the world into a single intuitive, easy-to-use format, providing you the precision of regional, news and analysis subsections. Gas & LNG features the very latest Energy Intelligence coverage of natural gas and LNG discoveries, processing and markets, including the latest updates on shale production, unconventionals, worldwide shipment data and more.

Gas & LNG is updated daily with content from:

  • World Gas Intelligence
    (Average of 15 articles per week)
  • LNG Intelligence
    (Average of 11 articles per day)
  • Natural Gas Week
    (Average of 33 news and data articles/wk)
  • Oil Daily and International Oil Daily
    (Average of 11 articles/day)
  • Over 230 must-read articles and data collections per week

Regularly updated Gas & LNG data include:

  • Weekly updated World Gas Intelligence data, including US and UK gas futures prices, gas and power prices for major US and European hubs, and more
  • Natural Gas Week data updated every week, including intrastate gas prices, North American gas storage figures, comparative fuel prices and more
  • Daily LNG Intelligence and NGW’s Gas Market Reconnaissance data including synopses of natural gas trends, prompt-month gas forward reports, key price indicators for LNG values, US LNG spot prices and more

All the acclaimed Energy Intelligence Information Services you know. Only the essential All the acclaimed Energy Intelligence publications you know. Only the essential Gas & LNG information you need. Contact an Energy Intelligence representative today to subscribe.