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UpstreamFinance channels essential Energy Intelligence investment, corporate strategy and M&A news and analysis to you, providing quick, timely access to the crucial information you need. Displayed in an intuitive, user-friendly format, Finance presents tightly focused content from acclaimed Energy Intelligence publications including Energy Intelligence Finance, International Oil Daily, Nefte Compass and more.

Finance delivers news, analysis and data from around the world while narrowing the focus with regional, news and analysis subsections, enabling you to quickly sort and access the very latest Energy Intelligence coverage of corporate activity, mergers and acquisitions, impacts of resource nationalism and shareholder activism, oil and gas equity data and analysis, assessment of emerging markets and more.

Finance is updated daily with content from:

  • Energy Intelligence Finance
    Average of 12 articles per week, published every Tuesday
  • International Oil Daily
    Average of 5 articles per day
  • Nefte Compass
    Average of 5 articles/wk, published every Wednesday
  • Petroleum Intelligence Weekly
    Average of 4 articles/wk, published every Thursday
  • Over 80 must-read articles and data collections per week

Regularly updated Gas & LNG data include:

  • Exclusive Energy Intelligence Finance data, including energy equity market data for integrated majors, regional comparisons and companies in emerging markets, as well as equity indexes, oil and gas prices, oil equity and currency comparisons and more
  • Oil Daily and International Oil Daily tables and graphs, updated daily, including stock market prices for integrated majors, large producers, refiners and more
  • Nefte Compass data sets include equity and currency prices

Finance is your own specialized vehicle for essential investment, corporate strategy and M&A news and analysis, updated daily to provide you the most intuitive, efficient and effective Energy Intelligence product yet.

All the acclaimed Energy Intelligence Information Services you know. Only the essential Finance information you need. Contact an Energy Intelligence representative today to subscribe.