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UpstreamDownstream distills essential Energy Intelligence refining, transportation and end-use content, enabling you to quickly access the crucial news, analysis and data you need. Presented in an intuitive format, Downstream delivers tightly focused content from respected EI publications including Petroleum Intelligence Weekly, Nefte Compass, International Oil Daily and more.

Downstream delivers information from around the globe while refining the focus to regional, news and analysis subsections, enabling you to quickly sort and access the very latest Energy Intelligence coverage of refining, midstream distribution, transportation and uses of oil products including jet fuel, gasoline, fuel oils, LPG and more.

Downstream is updated daily with content from:

  • Petroleum Intelligence Weekly
    (Average of 9 articles per week)
  • International Oil Daily
    (Average of 5 articles per day)
  • Nefte Compass
    (Average of 9 articles/wk)
  • World Gas Intelligence
    (Average of 7 articles/wk)
  • Nearly 100 must-read articles and data
    collections per week

Regularly updated Downstream data include:

  • Daily LNG Intelligence table and graphs, including key price indicators for LNG values, LNG netback prices at key receiving terminals and more;
  • Nefte Compass data sets providing comprehensive shipping information from various terminals in Europe and the FSU;
  • Laser-focused data from Jet Fuel Intelligence spotlighting jet fuel prices, jet-gasoil spreads, oil products stock levels and much more.

Downstream is your own specialized pipeline delivering only the essential refining, midstream and distribution news, analysis and data, updated daily to provide you the most intuitive, efficient and effective Energy Intelligence product yet.

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