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As a comprehensive and carefully integrated energy information company, Energy Intelligence is committed to providing our clients with the services they need in the formats they find most valuable. This commitment means offering unique and innovative ways to deliver content, providing expert research and advisory resources, and hosting exclusive events that provide industry leaders opportunities to exchange ideas.

We provide real-time delivery of information divided into six powerful subsets of our comprehensive energy coverage: Upstream, Downstream, Gas & LNG, Markets, Politics and Finance. Each Stream is comprised of all relevant articles from all 14 of our Information Services. Articles are made available on Streams as soon as they are written – and ahead of their Information Service in the Information Services themselves.

Through Information Services custom-defined by parameters of a user’s choosing, we can deliver authoritative information on the topics only of most importance to an individual client’s business. This razor-sharp focus is the product of clickable menus accessed through our website that trigger the delivery of a client-specific Information Service – daily or weekly, depending on the user’s preference – built from the relevant stories published in any of Energy Intelligence’s 14 Information Services.

With a staff of seasoned specialists and affiliations across the industry, our expertise can be deployed around the world to assist you with a broad spectrum of research and advisory services. Among our offerings are customized research, advisory, data services, special reports, executive training and topical seminars.