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Using analysts in our global network of bureaus and beyond, Energy Intelligence Research (EIR) is the powerful engine behind a catalog of research studies and reference works. Our annual and special reports set the standard for the global energy industry.

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Energy Intelligence reports paint detailed pictures of the most significant topics and trends in the oil and gas industry. They incorporate the past by providing detailed historical data, the present by presenting the most up-to-date and in-depth information, and the future by applying our expert analysis to forecast upcoming challenges and opportunities.

Annual and Special Reports

Energy Intelligence’s annual reports are published as a regular series of broad yet detailed updates on topics of perennial interest to the industry. Special reports focus on issues of more sudden, immediate interest.

Among our Annual Reports are:

  • The Energy Intelligence Top 100: Ranking the World’s Oil Companies
    The essential benchmark for comparing the world’s top oil and gas companies.
  • The World Crude Oil Outlook 2011-2021
    An essential strategic planning tool featuring a new approach to upstream and downstream drivers, published in conjunction with Turner Mason & Co.
  • The International Crude Oil Market Handbook
    For 15 years, the standard reference guide to the global crude oil marketplace
  • The World LNG Outlook
    A comprehensive assessment of the global LNG infrastructure base and LNG supply-demand dynamics

Among Recent Special Reports are:

  • The Quest for Dominance: NOC-IOC Rivalries, Alliances and the Shape of the New Global Oil Industry
    NOCs, IOCs, & the battle for control in the new global oil industry
  • Biofuels: Fuels of the Future?
    An in-depth study of the sector and its potential to displace oil in transport
  • The Data Guide to Russian and Caspian Oil & Gas
    Providing data on all major energy firms and projects in the Russian and Caspian region

Archival Special Reports
From the World Gas Handbook to High Oil Prices: Causes and Consequences