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Energy Intelligence roots start with two pivotal events: the founding of The Oil Daily in 1951 in Washington and the launch of Petroleum Intelligence Weekly (PIW) 10 years later in New York City. These two publications – both dedicated to covering the oil and gas industry – began for very different reasons.

Oil Daily, for Everyone and Anyone

The Oil Daily was started in order to cover the booming post-World War II US oil industry, the largest producer in the world at that time. The industry was facing new business challenges at the same time that the federal government was playing a growing role in shaping the sector through legislation and regulation. In those days and for decades to come, the Oil Daily was a tabloid newspaper meant for anyone and everyone in the US oil patch and sent out every day by post all over the country.

Wanda Jablonski, "Queen of the Oil Club"

Petroleum Intelligence Weekly (PIW) was founded by the legendary oil journalist Wanda Jablonski, who virtually single-handedly invented international energy journalism. For PIW, a primary focus was to cover the simmering conflict between major international oil companies and the oil producing countries – particularly those that formed Opec in the same year that PIW published its first issues. Wanda was driven and a perfectionist. In fact, she was so disappointed with PIW in the first couple of months that she destroyed all of the internal copies of PIW from that start-up period. But after that rocky start, PIW soon found its feet and was publishing confidential Opec reports and creating so much trouble for majors like Gulf and Texaco that they both canceled their subscriptions in an unsuccessful effort to close down the publication.