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New Publications, New Owners
A History of Excellence, Second to None

As Oil Daily and PIW grew, so did their catalogs of publications. Among the most important was Natural Gas Week (NGW), which was launched in 1985. NGW was a leader in covering the emerging US spot natural gas market and the deregulation of US gas markets. Also in the 1980s, PIW spun off a new publication which evolved into today’s Oil Market Intelligence. In addition, World Gas Intelligence was launched in 1990 to cover the emerging globalization of natural gas trade and markets.

Expansion as the Energy Industry Grows

In 1988, Wanda Jablonski decided to sell PIW to private investors. In the same year, Raja Sidawi formed Oil Daily Company which acquired two publications — Oil Daily and NGW. In 1990, The Oil Daily Company launched several new publications, including Energy Compass, with its focus on the geopolitics of the energy business, especially oil and gas supply and Nefte Compass which was launched at the time of the break-up of the Soviet Union to cover the transformation of its petroleum and gas business from a planned, Soviet system to a new, open system.

In 1996, the Oil Daily Company acquired PIW and its six publications and formed Energy Intelligence Group to create a single energy information company that combined the staffs, titles, and services.