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New Technology,
New Businesses
A New Age for Energy Intelligence

With the rise of electronic publishing in the 1980s and the growth of the internet in the 1990s, the entire information business was thrown into a period of transformation. Energy Intelligence responded. The website you are using now represents the most recent evolution, enhancing our traditional products and developing new services.

The Web Meets Energy Intelligence

New technology led to the launch of a global edition of Oil Daily, International Oil Daily, to serve a much broader audience. In addition, new daily services such as LNG Intelligence and Gas Market Reconnaissance developed to meet the needs of particular market segments. Branching out from its traditional focus on oil and gas, Energy Intelligence launched Nuclear Intelligence Weekly in 2007 and the coverage of alternative energy has been steadily expanded.

The Advent of EI Research & Advisory

Starting in the 1990s, Energy Intelligence also began producing research and reference reports such as The International Crude Oil Handbook. Ultimately, these reference reports led to the creation of a separate research group within the firm that is today known as EI Research & Advisory. This team now focuses on a growing volume of individualized research, advisory services, seminars, and training.

For the past 60 years, Energy Intelligence has remained firmly committed to the same basic principles of providing knowledge and understanding of the global oil and gas business and more broadly the energy world as a whole.