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Covering more than 370 time series and with over 36,000 separate data points, the World Gas Intelligence Data Service includes materials dating to 1994.


  • Asian LNG - Buyer and seller prices by month in $/ton and $/MMBtu.
  • European border price estimates ($/MMBtu plus averages).
  • Comparison of LNG exporter netbacks at receiving terminals worldwide.
  • European End-User Prices - In Euro cents/kWh and in US$/MMBtu for gas
    and electricity prices.
  • Spot gas and power prices for major US and European hubs by point
    and price, and spark spreads.
  • North American gas and Comparative Fuel Prices - Pipeline point/city
    gate; region; comparative fuel prices.
  • US Gas Futures - Nymex futures (monthly contracts and 12-month strip).

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