NIW reported last week that construction had begun at China''s first CAP1400 at Shidaowan in ...

Fuel Market: US Buyers Contemplate ...

While speakers at the World Nuclear Fuel Congress (WNFC) in San Francisco mostly ...

Uranium: Bringing Back Ranger's Plant

UK-based Rio Tinto''s majority-owned Energy Resources of Australia (ERA) should complete ...

Japan: New Energy Plan Ties Nuclear to ...

After more than three years since the 2011 Fukushima disaster, the Japanese cabinet finally ...


Russia-owned Uranium One on Tuesday filed an appeal in Kazakhstan to the Mar. 24 decision revoking ...

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Nuclear Intelligence Weekly

Featuring industry-leading coverage of the global nuclear industry, Nuclear Intelligence Weekly is the go-to source for nuclear industry and nuclear fuel cycle professionals around the world.

Nuclear Intelligence Weekly focuses on front-end nuclear fuel cycle activities, reactor newbuild markets and local, national and international political dynamics impacting the industry, while also tracking significant developments in the back-end of the fuel cycle, including coverage of mixed-oxide fuel programs, efforts to develop advanced reactors, and programs for long-term and, ultimately, permanent disposal of spent fuel.

Every issue of Nuclear Intelligence Weekly includes:

  • Reports on key companies, facilities and capacity developments in the uranium, conversion, enrichment and fabrication sectors; fuel cycle supply-demand forecasts as well as detailed coverage of important new and existing fuel cycle supply sources in Central Asia, Africa, Canada, Australia and other regions; and growing nuclear fuel requirements in India, China and emerging markets
  • Extensive coverage of reactor newbuild programs and existing reactor operations; the impact of post-Fukushima regulatory requirements on newbuild and operating reactors; reactor financing, including government cost-recovery and loan guarantee programs, private-sector utility and vendor investment, and other forms of project finance
  • Analysis of key developments in spent fuel management covering recycling, mixed-oxide fuel and repository programs
  • Impact of government nonproliferation policies on nuclear and fuel cycle exports

Nuclear Intelligence Weekly's coverage of front-end fuel cycle activities includes the industry's first and most reliable confidential uranium price transparency mechanism, along with focused analysis of key issues in the global fuel cycle business, including weekly and monthly pricing and market intelligence.

The Uranium Price Panel (UPP) is Energy Intelligence’s unique and proprietary survey of U3O8 buyers and sellers that provides an essential objective price discovery tool and a new dimension of transparency. With a wealth of sources throughout uranium markets around the world, including reporters based in key areas like China, South Korea, Russia and Eastern Europe, Nuclear Intelligence Weekly is able to provide the crucial background and context needed to interpret the results of the price panel.