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Covering more than 300 time series and with over 75,000 separate data points from Natural Gas Week, the Natural Gas Week Data Service includes historical series dating back to 1993, and in some instances even earlier.

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly bidweek values including interstate, intrastate, hub, and citygate spot prices.
  • Market Price Indicators - Spot and formula prices, key spreads, netbacks,
    margins, and 15-year histories of monthly term contract prices.
  • Cash market hub trading for spot electricity and natural gas futures.
  • Prices at major hubs and selected citygates(US$/MMBtu, volume-weighted).
  • Canadian Price Report - Spot prices reported gas sales, contracts, and price renegotiations.
  • Comparative Fuel Prices - Cash market prices for the Appalachia, East, and Gulf coast regions.
  • Gas Price Report - Weekly spot and bidweek outlook prices for composite wellhead; delivered to pipeline/utility.
  • North American Gas Storage - Main gas injections and withdrawals from the US Interstate pipeline system.
  • Natural Gas Rig Count - Total number of rigs, actively producing rigs, and analysis of gas in storage vs. composite spot wellhead prices and active gas.

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