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Natural Gas Week Data Service

The Natural Gas Week Data Service (NGW Data Service) brings together proprietary data to cover North American natural gas pricing and fundamentals.

As a FERC-approved provider of natural gas price indexes, the NGW Data Service covers spot prices on a daily, weekly, monthly and bidweek basis including points, composite pricing (regional and by market type), as well as comparative fuels, nuclear and renewable generation, weather, degree days, outages, news briefs and other market drivers. Covering more than 300 data series and with over 200 published prices and composites, the NGW Data Service includes content dating back to 1993.

Commonly used for weekly, monthly and composite pricing indexation, including for cash outs, tariffs, settlements, contracts, regulatory compliance and benchmarking, the NGW Data Service boasts comprehensive data, relevant and representative price indexes, expert analysis, extensive history and interactive charts and graphs.

Key deliverables of this service:

How does the NGW Data Service help?

  1. Get relevant and actionable price indexes and composites based on our FERC-approved methodology, extensive analysis and industry expertise.
  2. Access the data you need and stay within budget, with flexible subscription terms and competitive pricing.
  3. Make better decisions using data and insights you can trust, with a suite of solutions that blends price data, gas and power fundamentals, news and analytics.
  4. Maximize efficiency, by seamlessly integrating NGW Data with your own proprietary systems, saving you time and money.
  5. Get clarity on representative market values, with our broad coverage include unique lower-liquidity price points.
  6. Inform your pipeline tariffs and pricing policies, with price data, composites, differentials, critical notices and related analysis.
  7. Optimize your risk management strategies, by underpinning your back-office activities with our price data and fundamentals.

Learn more about Natural Gas Week Data:

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