Environmental Study Debunks BC's Carbon ...

A new report from an Ottawa-based think tank pokes a giant hole in a claim by the British Columbia ...

Newfoundland Touts West Orphan Basin ...

The West Orphan Basin offshore Newfoundland, Canada, may contain as much as 25.5 billion barrels of ...

US Chamber Says Proposed Limits on ...

The US Chamber of Commerce hit out at election-year policy proposals seeking to limit fossil fuel ...

Summer Heat Pushes US September Gas Up ...

With gas market sentiment growing increasingly bullish for the fall, US September natural gas ...

Producers Exit Alaska LNG Project, Will ...

North Slope producers BP, ConocoPhillips and Exxon Mobil are turning over development of an Alaska ...

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Natural Gas Week

With Natural Gas Week (NGW), you'll learn the reasons behind market shifts and changes, gaining a full understanding of what is happening, why it is happening and what effect it will have on your operation. Our expert reporters sift through the confusing complexity in the industry and deliver only the information that you need to succeed.

Coverage includes:

  • In-depth analysis of industry developments, with detailed and probing reports covering price movements, mergers and acquisitions,an accounting of proven reserves, investment decisions and more
  • Essential charts and tables of key pricing data, including:
    • Natural Gas Week's price charts and tables, with average cash prices and futures
    • Major market prices
    • Spot prices on intrastate pipeline systems
    • Composite spot wellhead and delivered-to-pipeline
      prices -- 1990 to present
    • Salt cavern storage figures by facility, with pricing and differentials for major hubs and selected city gates at date of issue
    • Comparative fuel prices
    • Natural gas futures and spot electricity trading figures
    • Spot prices on interstate pipeline systems
    • Canadian price report
    • Cash market hub trading
    • Natural gas rig count
    • Gas price report summary