EU Backs Lithuania as LNG Hub

The recent failure of a joint Finnish-Estonian LNG project to procure EU funding has made the ...

Ukraine Targets Russia-Free Gas Market

With or without a temporary natural gas supply deal for this winter, Ukraine''s leadership is ...

Kazakhs Shun International Majors in ...

At the end of last year, after lifting a five-year moratorium on assigning any new subsoil acreage, ...

Equities and Currencies

Share Prices Closing October 21, 2014 ($/Share) Closing Price Chg. From Oct 14''14 12 ...

Diesel Spikes as Empty Tanks Spark Buying

A stubbornly closed trans-Atlantic arbitrage pushed Northwest European diesel premiums into the ...

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Nefte Compass

Featuring unrivaled access and industry-leading news, analysis and data from Russia, FSU and Eastern Europe, Nefte Compass is the intelligence source you need to understand one of the most active and rapidly evolving sectors of the global energy industry.

Every week the most important players in Eastern European and Russian energy turn to Nefte Compass for:

  • Invaluable insight into the Russia/FSU energy sector, including regional analysis of upstream projects in Siberia, oil trading in Moscow and more
  • Key regional market trends and competitor activity, major upstream, downstream and financial deals and more
  • Insider information on behind-the-scenes political developments, including Kremlin politics and the wider geopolitical forces at play

Nefte Compass also features a statistical database unmatched in the industry, drilling down through the data to discover the trends and details you need to stay ahead of the competition. Issues of
Nefte Compass
regularly include:

  • Incisive data on crude oil deliveries, oil and condensate production/export volumes, spot and product price and more
  • A financial page containing a stock market report and the latest prices of locally traded petroleum equities
  • Comprehensive statistics tracking crude oil production, pipeline and shipping data, supply/demand trends, refining and export numbers and more

Nefte Compass is your exclusive window into the Russia/FSU energy industry, offering news, analysis and data focused on the largest oil and gas producing region in the world. Start your free trial of Nefte Compass today.