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Tackling the transition of global energy from conventional fossil fuels to alternative energy forms, EI New Energy Data Service provides a wealth of market-oriented data on comparative energy costs, renewable energy, carbon and biofuels.

Backdated to at least 2010, and in some cases as far as 2000, the EI New Energy Data Source can be downloaded and customized by the user.

The data sets include:

  • Comparative power generation costs for eight forms of renewable energy, four forms of fossil fuel energy, and nuclear power, presented in detail;
  • Carbon and natural gas prices for fuel switching and renewable energy parity;
  • Power generation by source across a range of OECD and non-OECD countries;
  • Biofuel prices and market fundamentals;
  • Global carbon prices;
  • Electricity prices from around the world; and
  • The performance of clean energy versus other equity classes.