Chinese Duo Take Abu Dhabi Stake

Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. (Adnoc) has chosen two Chinese companies as the final partners in the ...

Court Approves Exxon-InterOil Deal

New York-listed InterOil said the Supreme Court of Yukon has approved Exxon Mobil''s revised ...

Investors Put Oil Back on Their ...

Tight markets, uncertainty around future supply and rapid growth in emerging markets fueled the ...

Iraq Raises Reserves Estimate

Iraq has made the first substantive change to the official estimate of its proved crude oil ...

Pertamina Seeks Partner for Refinery

Indonesia''s Pertamina is seeking a foreign investor for a planned 300,000 b/d grassroots refinery ...

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Energy Intelligence Finance

Energy Intelligence Finance is your essential resource for tracking the changing dynamics of international finance and energy, providing unrivaled insight into a bustling corporate climate and its impacts on the global oil and gas industry.

The fundamental publication for coverage and analysis of upstream industry transactions, corporate strategies and investment trends around the world, EI Finance guarantees concise and accessible explanations of underlying trends and significant news events to keep you up to date and your strategies fresh.

EI Finance gives particular focus to:

  • The constantly shifting interplay of finance and energy, through extensive analysis of:
    • Upstream M&A activity at both the corporate and asset level
    • Corporate restructuring, strategy, governance and management
    • IPOs
    • Quarterly and annual results
  • Trends in both emerging and established capital markets as they relate to the oil and gas industry, including bond issuances, syndicated loans, foreign exchange and derivatives
  • Oil and gas equity performances using Energy Intelligence’s proprietary EIF Global Oil & Gas Index, which tracks 17 private-sector integrated majors and partially listed NOCs trading on bourses around the world
  • The impacts of financial regulation, legislation and accounting changes on investment metrics
  • The increased intersection between international and national oil companies across the energy investment landscape
  • The emergence of new important financial actors such as hedge funds and private equity
  • The financial implications of resource nationalism and shareholder activism
  • Market analysis of traditional core areas of North America and Western Europe, as well as emerging markets in Asia, the Middle East, Russia, Latin America and Africa
  • Understanding of essential corporate governance and management issues

EI Finance is your go-to source for demystifying international finance and energy, featuring timely, targeted reportage and analysis of the most important stories to ensure you’re one step ahead.

  • Editorial: A fresh take on the implications and significance of key developments emerging across the energy industry
  • Features: Analyses of four key trends or events taking shape in the oil and gas sector each week
  • Briefing: An expanded view into developments of particular importance to oil industry investment
  • Market Commentary: In-depth analysis of equity or other financial market trends
  • News Roundup: A concise summary of the week's top financial news
  • Comprehensive Data: Energy equity data from OECD and emerging markets, brought together for ease of comparison, as well as charts tracking oil price movements versus equities and the US dollar
  • Supplement: Periodic multi-page analyses of the industry’s most significant M&A deals and broader trends taking shape in the upstream M&A market

In a vibrant corporate environment that’s become a collage of increasingly international players, it’s easy to get tangled up in the bramble. EI Finance is your lifeline in this complex financial and energy landscape, providing you with the edge you need to succeed.